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Neil M. Levy
ISBN: 1851682902
Format: Paperback, 160pp
Pub. Date: May 2002 Publisher: Oneworld Publications

by Dr Neil Levy
Lecturer in philosophy, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Charles Sturt University.
Published by Oneworld Publications

Combining information with an entertaining style, this concise guide to the life and work of the great philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre focuses uniquely on his life as a whole, not simply on his theories of existentialism. Covering topics from Sartre's concept of human freedom to his espousal of Marxism and his impact on twentieth-century thought, this is an authoritative work that will challenge undergraduates and general readers alike to think again about human freedom and moral choice. Neil Levy, a lecturer in philosophy at Charles Sturt University, is an expert on ethics and political philosophy and has lectured and published widely in this area.


  Jean Paul Sartre. A french philosopher of the 20th century.
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