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1944. Occupied France. A resistance squad is captured by collaborating countrymen and held for debriefing. What price will they pay to preserve their secret? What price will be paid to unearth it? A post-war existential classic by Jean Paul-Sartre.

Hammerstein Stages Rare Sartre Play, Off-Broadway, March 26-April 19
By Robert Simonson
17 Mar 2003

Simon Hammerstein, a scion of the famous theatrical family, will direct a rare production of Jean-Paul Sartre's existential play, Men Without Shadows Off-Broadway.

The play, produced by Horizon Theatre Rep, will run March 26-April 19 at Off-Broadway's Flea Theatre in Tribeca, at 41 White St. The cast includes David Wilson Barnes, Denis Brukus, Rafael DeMussa, Hillary Keegin, Jordon Lage, Jonathan Kells Phillips, Ted Schneider and Rik Walter.

Men takes place in 1944 in occupied France. Five resistance fighters attempt to liberate a village, but fail and are jailed. In a set-up that predates Arthur Miller's similarly-plotted Incident at Vichy, the morals and humanity of the five are tested when they're called in for questioning.

Horizon Rep is five years old. The group concentrates on "innovative staging of contemporary and classical work."

Hammerstein is the artistic director of Last Minute Productions, which presented Adam Rapp's Trueblinka last fall. The company is dedicated to "confrontational plays deemed untouchable by commercial theatre." His target audience is "hardened and adventurous youth of New York City who have given up on theatre as a source of cultural entertainment."

  Jean Paul Sartre. A french philosopher of the 20th century.
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