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Being and Nothingness (Read 4928 times)

Being and Nothingness
06/02/04 at 22:11:22
Can anyone help me answer any of these questions?  The answers should come from the book "Being and Nothingness" by John Paul Sartre.  If you can help please email me at  Thanks alot!
19. What are the senses? What is a common mistake concerning the nature of the senses?
20. What is the origin of "the classical distinction between the soul and the body" (422)?
21. What does it mean that "my hand is the arresting of references and their ultimate end" (426)?
22. What are two ways of apprehending my body "if we reject the analogical reconstruction of my body according to the body of the Other" (427)?
23. What does it mean that "the body ... is the Past" (429)?
24. What does it mean that "finitude is the necessary condition of the original project of the For-itself" (430)?
25. What does it mean that "consciousness exists its body" (434)?
26. What is pain? What is illness? What is disease?
27. What is nausea?  
28. What is the Other's flesh? What is a corpse? What is anatomy? What is physiology?
29. In what ways is my perception of the Other's body "radically different from my perception of things" (453)?
30. What is a common mistake in thinking of emotions and of character? How should emotions and character be understood?
31. What are my body's three dimensions of being?
32. What is shyness?
33. What are the two primitive attitudes which I can assume toward the Other?
34. Why is conflict "the original meaning of being-for-others" (475).
35. Why is it that the "total enslavement of the beloved kills the love of the lover" (478)?
36. What is "the triple destructibility of love" (491)?
37. What is masochism? Why is it a failure?
38. What is sexual desire? What is it not? How does it differ from  hunger?
39. What are two ways in which sexual desire misses its goal?
40. What is sadism?
41. Why am I guilty before the Other? What is hate?
42. Why is it that "no factual state ... is capable by itself of motivating any act whatsoever" (562)?
43. What does it mean that "freedom has no essence" (565)?
44. What is the relation between freedom and the will?
45. What are causes? What are motives? How are they related? How are they related to ends?
46. Why is it that "a voluntary deliberation is always a deception" (581)?
47. What is "the fundamental act of freedom" (594)? Can this act be realized in bad faith? Explain.
48. What does anguish reveal to us?
49. What is the instant?
50. What does it mean that "without facticity freedom would not exist ... and without freedom facticity would not be discovered and would have no meaning" (636-37)?
51. What does it mean that "essence is what has been" (638)? And that "it is the future which decides whether the past is living or dead" (641)?
52. Why is it that "human history would have to be finished before a particular event ... could receive a definitive meaning" (643)?
53. What is my environment?
54. How is "belonging to the human race" defined?
55. What is the distinction "between the event 'sentence' and a natural event" (663)?
56. What are two ways in which "freedom can be limited only by freedom" (673)?
57. What is an unrealizable? In what sense are unrealizables limits to freedom?
58. Why is "death ... that which on principle removes all meaning from life" (690)? What does it mean that "to be dead is to be a prey for the living" (695)?
59. What is the difference between death and finitude?
60. What does it mean that "there are no accidents in a life" (708)?
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Re: Being and Nothingness
Reply #1 - 09/21/05 at 08:14:33
The best way of helping you, I guess,  is telling you to read the book and find the answers on your own.  Wink
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