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09/18/04 at 09:34:40
Any gratititous zeroification of Sartre's postwar comments regarding the role of social struggle is clearly catering to the nearsightness of liberal & democratic society regarding the drawbacks of capitalism. Especially when a myth can be perpetuated regarding both as synomous with freedom. It's easy to demonise certain aspects of totalitarianism & terrorism without discussing the consequences which lead to these. As such it's conducing an argument according to comic book ground rules which ostracises any space for logic.
 If we consider the state of the french left bank and how it became burgeoise (which is a natural eviolution since everyone gets older and greedy), we must also look to the influence on french thought in the first place that has led to today's schism between the US & France regarding national soverignity. Not only freeedom regarding individuals , as well as nations to each other.
As such I suggest you switch your name to or
Merci a tois
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