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With One Centennial Not Mentioned at All (Read 7328 times)

With One Centennial Not Mentioned at All
02/14/05 at 16:59:19
Is it a coincidence merely, that Mr. Hewitt failed to mention the centennial of novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand, less than a month away from the publication of his article?
There are interesting comparisons between Rand and Sartre.
In no particular order:
Both were born in 1905; both attempted to present their ideas first in fiction (novels and plays);
Both hated and denounced Nazism and (eventually for Sartre) Marxism;
Both lived about as long (Sartre: 1905-80; Ayn Rand: 1905-82); both remained in a committed relationship with their chosen other for over 50 years;
Both directly inspired popular rock bands of the late 20th century (Sartre: The Police, the Cure and many others; Ayn Rand: Rush and Duran Duran);
Both were considered to be primarily popularizers of philosophy (especially by their detracters);
Both seemed to be completely unaware of the existence of the other or their philosophy;
But for adherents of Sartre, Ayn Rand's Objectivism is not a real philosophy (because it's not "modern"), and for adherents of Rand, Existensialism is not a real philosophy (Ms. Rand called it Budism);
And, the most popularly read philosopher (primarily for their fiction) is Sartre, or perhaps Camus in Europe, and Ayn Rand in the U.S.
Well, (as Ayn Rand would say) good logic to you; and thanks for creating an excellent and informative website.  If your interested in learning more about Ayn Rand, I recommend visiting (and both of the best websites devoted them have essentially identical URL's!)
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