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Term paper due mid-Oct. -In grave need of help (Read 2644 times)
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Term paper due mid-Oct. -In grave need of help
10/05/05 at 01:12:32
I'm doing a paper on a writing of Sarte, and it's very important that I get info asap, please.
I am borrowing Stephen Priest's edition of Sarte's basic writings.  There are two topics left I am interested in writing about, but I don't know where to start for the best information.  
What I'm interested in [in order of my interest]
-The Work of Art
-His stance on why he is a homosexual [this was not in the book I have, but another, which my boyfriend owns.  I'm pretty sure this book of his was by Sarte, but there's always the chance I could be mistaken.]
I have no idea as to where to find the best information offered. I have avoided writings such as existentialism, because I feel they are much too broad for what I am asked to write.  My term paper must be 5 pages long. My professor said that he would prefer this much, if more, no less.  
The only websites I was reccomended by my professor were the kind that end in ".org" or an online philosophical journal, rather than geocities or whatnot.  I would visit wikipedia, but they allow viewers to edit their articles, so I learned in high school that it's an unreliable source.
This is due in mid-October, so I only have a couple of weeks to get this done.  Any information is GREATLY appreciated.  I don't know how often I'm going to be able to come to this forum between now and then, so I would prefer any responses to be sent to my email address:
I have intense gratitude for anyone who gives so much as the slightest blurb of Sarte trivia.
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Re: Term paper due mid-Oct. -In grave need of help
Reply #1 - 11/06/05 at 23:27:43
ok ill help it's spelled 'sartre' , not 'sarte'
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