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Puratre? (Read 17725 times)
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05/15/06 at 17:23:25
Hi, I had a question about a line in Nausea and was hoping someone could help me understand it. Its on page 25, second paragraph down of the 1964 Lloyd
Allexander translation:
"On another strip I could still decipher the word "Puratre" from which red drops fall, drops of blood perhaps."  
Does anyone know what puratre means? I have looked it up in several laguages but to no avail. Please email me at if you happen to know,
Thanks folks,
Ian McDonald
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Re: Puratre?
Reply #1 - 10/10/06 at 20:44:44
Oh Follie!
I should tell you it is just an expression.
But I keep getting nicked on my cuticle.  Some papers and looking around about the office and darn it! I keep opening it. I bleed a little and the next day the same spot.
Now about that word.  There is someone at the Weber University who might know what Sartre intended.  Try asking Catharine Savage Brosman. The link is:
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