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The Roads to Freedom book group (Read 3903 times)
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The Roads to Freedom book group
06/04/06 at 18:41:05
Hi. I'm starting a book group for The Roads to Freedom trilogy books by Sartre. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me any good topics for discussion, or any relevant insights into the books that they've had that they would like to share. If anyone has had a book group on these books and would like to tell me what they talked about with that that would be cool too. Thanks in advance.
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Re: The Roads to Freedom book group
Reply #1 - 10/10/06 at 20:49:52
If you still have yet to do this project; I'll join you.  It can't be that hard.  What, read The roads to freedom books?  
Okay; let's see. How about setting up a google blog with administration privileges to the readers.  Let me know and we will get underway.
Great! I'll have homework!
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