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Being-in-itself in For-itself -> No God...? (Read 4103 times)
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Being-in-itself in For-itself -> No God...?
08/16/06 at 17:10:50
Hello all,
One of the things I'm confused about with Sartre is why God is impossible because God would imply some impossible combination of Being-in-itself in the For-itself...?
Can someone explain this?
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Re: Being-in-itself in For-itself -> No God
Reply #1 - 10/10/06 at 20:25:50
This is a reply of a general nature.  What is it you want? Are you someone who cares about Sartre? Oh Yeah I get it you are just trying to get information about god?  What would you have him say; that there is some secret about it that can be unlocked.
This is a person who has a question.  Could you at least try a little harder to get it?  What's your scene? There are lots of instances of your scene.  Well? Persist a little. Did you have a scene. Get it together man!  Lets hear your scene?
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