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Sourcing a quote (Read 3964 times)
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Sourcing a quote
10/23/08 at 00:11:06
I wonder if someone here may be able to help me with a direct quotation of a statement attributed to Sartre.  In Hazel Barnes translation of his work, she paraphrases one of his statements as—her words are to this effect—declaring that one of man's most distinguishing characteristics is his propensity for asserting the existence of that which is nowhere in evidence and denying the existence of that which is evident everywhere.
I have not been able to readily locate the passage in Barnes’ work again and had hoped that I might short circuit the tedium of poring over hundreds of pages again to find it, only to discover that she does not include a complete citation, either.  I tend to recall that the quote (translated) was not from « L’Être et Le Néant » but can’t be sure of that.
Are any of you familiar with this statement, or can you point me to someone that may be able to give me a complete citation (e.g. publisher, date of publication, title and pages, etc.)?
I appreciate anything you can give me.
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